Tom took this picture of the slope we traversed to descend to the town of Porto. Ridiculous!        You cannot see the trail because it practically didn’t exist.    🤔
Tom and Colette from the castle they climbed up to yesterday.
Carol from the same spot – looking down at the beach
A great view from up there.       D and I missed it as we tried to recover . . .

Our r and r day in Porto was wonderful and much needed!     The ladies at the hotel served us breakfast even though we were late.    😀.   We recounted our 12 hour ordeal with the medical services on the island of Corsica with the rest of our gang.   Then they all took off to explore the island while we recovered.    Which involved:   Blogging. 😀    Editing all the pictures we took on our last hike.    Getting our gear organized for our final day in Corsica and our flight to Lyon.    Having a delicious lemon pie gelato.  And sharing a pizza with coke.    All good.

Our hotel breakfast spot
Walking around the marina
Another shot of the marina.
Walking down to dinner

We had dinner at Robinsons.   A delightful restaurant right on the water.   Great seafood.  Pasta with a variety of seafood.  Fresh dorado.    Chilled white wine.   Ahhhh    And we got to watch the sun set over the beautiful town of Porto!     Lucky us!  

The sun is starting to set. We could watch it as we dined
Amazing dorado! So fresh and tasty!

So – our hotel in Porto – just outstanding.    Right in the town.  On the water.   And the nicest staff.   The receptionist, Sabrina, offered to drive all the way up Cargèse to pick us up from the doctors office.  That didn’t happen since we had to taxi to the hospital.  But it would have been a two hour drive for her over those crazy roads.   We tried to get her a gift certificate to Robinson’s but gift cards are apparently not a Corsican concept.   So we gave her some money and Colette wrote her a thank you note.   Brought Sabrina to tears.     

Night arrives in Porto.

The taxi rides, in case you care, cost us 500 euros.    😥.  So that was a bit of an expensive fall.     Oh well.   I could have broken a bone.   And I didn’t!      Our checkbook will recover.    😜

A shot out the window of the van
Loved this view – Dave is a master at these shots!   
Another one. Spectacular scenery on this island!

So – we were supposed to take a bus to Ajaccio early in the morning.    Carol walked down to the bus station to see how long it would take and consider how we might drag our suitcases there – only to discover that there was temporarily no bus service to Ajaccio.   😳  Good thing she checked . . .     She called the local tour company and they said they’d arrange for a transfer for us.   8:00 AM.  At least that gave us time for breakfast as well as transportation directly to our hotel.   Much better option!    

The town of Piana

The van picked us up right on time and we headed off over the winding hilly roads of this island.   D and I had done this gig once before!   😬.      We arrived in Piana – and the van stalled out.   So – we had a nice half an hour visit in this cute little town while the engine cooled down.    Just as the driver had corralled a bunch of men to push it off the road – miraculously the engine caught!   “Pray for me!” the driver said!    😀. 

The Oceanside in Ajaccio
The gang – sitting on the sea wall . . .

  Ajaccio is a big city.   We’re wondering what there is to do here.   After a late breakfast – omelettes served with salad and French fries 😀, we headed off to explore . .  Visited a few shops, found the ocean, some gelato, and we’re  now checked into the hotel.  Tiny room.     We can barely move around.  Good thing we’re not here long . . .    The others went to a concert.  We’re still recovering from our four hour’s worth of sleep two days ago.   Perhaps we’ll rest a bit . .    Perhaps we’ll blog and look at pictures.   We’re not so enthralled with cities and Ajaccio is the capital city of the island . . .

Toms photo of the sun as it sets over Porto.

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