Jojo blogging in this cool room at the lodge.

So today was a transition day.   Betsy and Bill headed out early in the morning – before the rest of us were even up.   They took a train to Paris and were catching a flight to Corsica later in the afternoon.   They are hiking for six days there.   We all are dying to hear how their hiking trip goes . .ours was pretty darn aggressive!     🤔.     John and Laurie went into Beaune with Tom when he returned the bikes.  They’ll train to Dijon.   They are meeting some friends and family in Dijon for a few days then spending a week on the canals in a boat.     Hope the weather improves for that adventure.   😀

Colette wasn’t feeling all that great so she hung around here reading the book she has just started.   The rest of us went for a hike!    It was coolish and raining as we headed out . . .then it mostly cleared up and was relatively nice for the entire day – until 20 minutes from the lodge – when the rain arrived once again.    So – we managed the weather perfectly!   😀.      Getting rather good at this business . . .  We had chosen a route that started in the village of Auxey-Duresses right in front of the church.    It climbed up into the hills, crossed a couple of ridges, headed downhill into another village and then meandered back to our village.   Perfect!

It was fun to spend one last day in amongst the vineyards!

Which way do,you think we should go?
Love the grape vines everywhere you look!
Looking back at our village
Haven’t gone far yet . . . 😀
Beautiful scenery everywhere you look
Vineyards and tiny villages.     Grape vines beginning to turn yellow . . .
It’s all about the grapes! 😀
Tom, Carol, and Karl
Trail number 14. That’s us! 😀
Wrong way. Turn around!
Occasionally you’d see one bunch totally in color!
Heading down . ..

Eventually, we started to get really hungry    The trail just continued but we really needed to get some lunch . .  So we saw a village down below and just headed down the road toward it!  Surely someone down there would feed us!   😀



Heading down . . .
Volnay was adorable village!
Always a church . ..

We finally hit the town – miraculously found a restaurant that was open – and the woman said, “complete!”   No room for us .    It was a tiny place and totally full!   She suggested another spot down by the church . .    This is what we found . . .

Le Cellier Volnaysien          What are the chances? The young man said he’d check . . .
This amazing place found us a table!

It was literally a cave – two rooms all full of people   Rather fancy . . .   We had yummy lunches    Peasant salads.    Salad with goat cheese.    Karl had this special sausage with potatoes and mustard.   The waitress suggested that this dish is a local favorite but that most outsiders do not like the taste or the smell.   He went with it anyway.   Those of us who tried it agreed with the waitress!

Wine even with lunch! 😀

And so I will close out this blog . . .   Dave and I head home tomorrow.   Anxious to touch base with our kids and their kids . .   Life is good at home as well . .    😀



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