An afternoon concert in Ajaccio

Dinner last night was amazing.   A suggestion from Bruno at the hotel.    He lives in Ajaccio, speaks English well and suggested this place for authentic Corsican food.    We figured – last day in Corsica, we should go Corsican!     😀

This place was magic!

We meandered down the same road we had travelled earlier – past the shops – to the port and the old section of the city.    Very narrow alleyways full of interesting restaurants and lots of people.     Chez Pascale did not disappoint.    It appears to be a family run place.   Son makes the sausage.   The two grannies (Bruno’s description) work all day long making the food.   One incredible young woman waited on maybe 13 or 14 tables.     Fortunately we were early as the menu was in French 😳

Bruno said we had to order zucchini fritters first.   Really tasty.   Of course – two pitchers of house wine.   😀.     OMG.  was the food good!    We all had different things.   Some pasta based.   Some veggie  or meat based.   All served with yummy sauces.    Colette had stuffed peppers and stuffed zucchini.   I had one of the specials – chunks of veal with carrots, green olives and polenta served in a bowl with a wonderful tomato sauce.    Couldn’t have been better!      By the time we left, all the tables were full and the entire alleyway was hopping!  What a perfect way to finish up our time on this very special island!    

The airport in Ajaccio was crazy busy.    It was small and so we thought an hour and a half was plenty of time at 6 AM.   However, the lines were long and everyone was in a panic about making their flights.     Fortunately we stood with some very cool people from New Zealand – who kept us entertained and helped keep the D’s stress somewhat manageable. 😜.      We boarded the plane with 15 minutes till take off but they were still boarding people after the plane was to depart.    I didn’t think they would leave all those people on the ground and have to deal with hundreds of stranded folks . . .   

And now the Burgundy adventure begins!

The approach . . .

So Tom picked us up at the airport in Lyon – drove us to his amazing place here in Burgundy!   Vineyards everywhere.  Wine is  the reason to be around here.   Tom was happy to come and get us as he got himself out of a full day of picking grapes!   😀.   His wife’s family owns a vineyard and it’s all hands on deck this time of year!    We were starved – the first item on the agenda was to have a couple of fresh figs off the tree as we headed up the stairs

And next – it’s choose your room for the week!     😀.  First come – first served!   😀.  It’s OK.  They are all great rooms . ..   this one is ours .  On the second floor

So Tom has cycled for many years.   All over the world.   He worked for a variety of companies, guiding cyclists – and discovered he really loved this part of France.  He’s originally from Great Britain.     And he loves to cook!   Good food!   😀.  He rented an apartment in Beaune, met his wife, and discovered this old abandoned water mill.   Built in the1600’s and renovated in the 1950’s.    It was a mess – but he thought there was great potential to make it into a cycling lodge, where he could share his love of cycling, of wine, and of good fresh food!      He’s been working at growing the business for the past seven years.  He’s currently full for all of next season.    Clearly  he does something right!   😀   We tried to get a reservation for last year but there were no openings . .  We learned about Tom from our Majorcan friend, Fonzie!

Another shot
Grapes growing along the fence. All for your sampling pleasure! 😀
The back yard . . .
An interesting little corner of the property
Tom asked if we were hungry . Absolutely!          So he cheffed up a delicious lunch – accompanied by some light refreshing Rose wine. 😀
Tom and Colette rented a car in Lyon and arrived just in time! 😀
Carol took this photo from the gardens. Lots of work on a property like this! 😳

So – everyone finally arrived.   Betsy and Bill from Normandy.  John and Laurie from Maine.    Tom cooked us this amazing meal!          Beef Bourgogne, scalloped potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes.    A cheese course.  And the most amazing fresh fig tart!  Accompanied by lots of fantastic wine . .   This holiday is looking to be pretty spectacular   😀

Tom shows off the fresh fig tart he made for dessert!

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