Here are Tom’s pictures from the hike to the lighthouse back in Calvi!   If it seems like we’re disjointed – we are – but we like it that way!   😀.

Tom and Colette saw this view from the seat of their bicycles, from the boat, and now            along the hiking path! Wonder which was the better view . . .
Karl, Carol, and Colette
Clearly – the lighthouse! 😀

Dinner last night was so fun!   All prearranged.   We had 18 euros to spend apiece and wine was extra.   So we had lots of yummy things – salad, wild boar with pasta, salmon.  All delicious.  Our waitress really wanted us to have dessert – after we had all declined.   So she talked us into warm chestnut cake with whipped cream (so good) and this incredible lemon meringue dessert.    We were sharing.   And then she brought four individual teramisu servings – and finally an additional lemon meringue.   Wowsiers!    She had fun with us – and we with her!


So These Mountains . . . .

Rest stop . .

Its hard to put into words the incredible beauty of this mountain range.  It’s massive and everywhere!   Peaks in every directions.  More mountains off in the distance.   Our taxi driver picked us up at 8:30 for our shuttle to the beginning of our hike.   This drive was to take half an hour – but it seemed as if he was in a giant hurry and so the trip was made in about 15 minutes!   Dave and I were sitting in the back row of the van and I was literally sick the whole way.  The road was narrow – one switchback after another and he took them all at very high speeds.  We were holding on for dear life  .

Early on
This is where the driver left us off . . Check out the road …

I was so thankful to arrive at our spot – which was in a sort of valley where a bus of tourists were parked – enjoying the scenery.   Passing any vehicle on this road was nuts!    The tourists must have thought we were nuts heading up and over the initial hill.

Jojo heads up
D starts his day
Cute little mountain town.
Moving on

At the first alpine village we went through, we encountered a friendly dog, who had clearly been injured   He was sporting one of those dreaded cones . .   He clearly loved to hike and was not going to leave our sight!   We tried to force him off – but he was not having it!    He must have followed us for close to half an hour   – when this woman drove up in her car – tried to entice him to go with her – but he was not having it!   He clearly enjoyed our company and the hiking.  😀.   Finally, some support arrived and they were able to coral the dog . .    We were wondering what we would do with him if he hiked the entire route with us . . .

Here’s the dog capture!

Eventually, we stopped for lunch at this beautiful spot – in the shade -by the water!   Alongside an ancient mule bridge.   This place was perfect for resting a bit and snacking a bit!   😀.   We took lots of pictures here . . .

How’d you like to have your picnic in this spot?
Group photo at the lunch spot
Jojo loving this spot

It was pretty toasty today – with temperatures in the high seventies.   Fortunately there was a breeze you’d hit going one direction.  Jojo looked forward to this direction!   😀.   I put a huge bottle of water in my bladder and drank it all!   Need more tomorrow.  . .

Cows along the way 😀
Up and up and up.

After another switchback climb, our directions said that you could walk along the road for 45 minutes to reach the destination or follow an old path that would probably be covered in brambles but would be shorter.   Dave and I are not big fans of road walking – especially at the end of the day.  We elected to try the old path.  The others were not so secure with our choice – so they elected for the road.

Dave – heading across the open field


I have to say, their choice was boring – but probably the wiser choice.    😀.   The walking across the fields part was totally fine. We have bushwhacked many times . .   However, we discovered that there were many barbed wire fences to be climbed over along our route!   Maybe 7 or 8 in all!   😳.   Jojo donned her long pants which helped a bit.   D just got scraped up from the prickly bushes and the barbed wires that we couldn’t escape!   It’s funny looking back at it . .   We’d look for the best spot to cross over and then just go for it. Sometimes we crawled underneath.  Sometimes we scrambled over one wire to discover another one smack in our way.   At one spot, there was a step stool to aid in our traverse . .

Here’s the first one – had to go under . . .
And another . . 😀
My donkey friend

Finally, we could see the town and the church, which was our way post.   Only – there was one more fence to cross – which we did – and then found ourselves sharing this space with a horse and a donkey.    🤔.   Fortunately they were friendly!

We finished up our hike at the hotel, where the others were sitting waiting for us with cokes and beer.   Oh well!   We had a better story . . .  😀


8.6 miles.   2O,000 steps.   2200 feet of elevation gain.     😀

I have to end with a bit of a sad note . . My youngest sister, Cindy is currently in the hospital struggling with leukemia that just won’t quit.  I think of her off and on every day and much of the night . . .  While I’m here in Corsica still able to do this wonderful adventure travel at the age of 75.    Same genes for both of us.     Just the luck of the draw.      Hard to figure these things out  . . .


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