Calvi, Corsica.     The view from the balcony’s for our hotel. The beach looks awesome!     

I swear – if we didn’t forget how dreadful it is to travel to  places – we might just stay home!   😳.      We’re currently on the final leg of our trip to Corsica.    Left Logan last night at 6:00 – arrived at Charles de Gaul around midnight.   Hardly enough time to sleep.    

Took us an hour to get through the incredibly long lines at passport control and then we had to figure out how to find the bus which would take us across town to Orly Airport for our flight over to Calvi in Corsica.    Mind you – this airport is huge!    We live in teeny tiny Smithfield, Maine (population 900!).    😀.       Finally found the right bus – and  90 minutes later we were at Orly.   Much easier to manage.    A steaming hot coffee and a fresh croissant and our spirits improved!   😀.    

We set our phones up with French SIM cards and now we’re in business!   The flight over to Corsica is only an hour and a half.   Although we did have to wait about 3 hours for our plane to load – and then we waited on the runway for “traffic control.”   I sat down in my plane seat and was asleep in minutes.    Even a few minutes helped!   D is NOT a patient traveler.     😳.    Next time (if I can convince him to head off again)  I need to plan an easier getaway.  . . .   

So we’re meeting Tom and Colette and their friends , Carol and Karl in Corsica for 10 days of hiking.   Then we head to Burgundy for a week of cycling at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge.    Laurie, John, Betsy, and Bill will join us here.    I have no doubt we’ll have a super time once we get through the getting there part !    😀

Anyone interested in a fancy yaught?          D thinks maybe not . . . .
Lots happening on the ocean side!

Our introduction to life in Corsica.

It appears that there are two taxis in the town of Calvi.  Certainly not an Uber 🤔.     We were the seventh party in line – waiting for a taxi . .   So it was well over half an hour before a taxi appeared to take us to our hotel .   They have to go back and forth and you must just wait!   It’s beautiful here though.  And we need to get used to “island time!”   80 degrees with a nice cooling wind off the water.   The mountains are imposing!   We are wondering what we have in store for ourselves – once we start our hike . . .      Tomorrow we are boating out to view a national park – the Scandola Reserve.    That should be a good way to begin our adventure.      

Tom and Colette have been here biking for a couple of days. Colette rented an E bike and had way too much fun passing Tom on the hills!   😀      Tonight we’ll go out for a early dinner and then crash!    Bed will feel mighty good!

Cheers to our adventure friends . . .

Dinner was a huge success!    Love Tom and Colette!   😀    Now off to bed . ..    feeling better already!



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