Up in High Country

Corte.                         What do you think about this spot? 😀

It’s 7:00 AM.   Dave and I are sitting in the train – heading up into the mountains.   The train ride lasts for three hours – it’s an hour and a half by car.   Stops at every little town along the way .   As well as just some random spots.. .There are two trains leaving Calvi each day.  One at 6:40 and one at 3:40.   So – you’d either have a relaxing morning or a relaxing evening.   😀.    We opted for the latter.  The others are going for a hike in Calvi and taking the late train.    We wanted time to explore Corte.   All good!

You know you’re abroad when the grocery stores look like this! 😊

It was rather a nice ride  . . .with the ocean off on one side and the mountains dominating the other side!  Can’t beat that!    We loved Calvi.  Clearly a tourist hot spot!   The town sported lots of cute little shops and an amazing array of great places to eat!   We had two dinners there.  The first night was amazing!   Colette and I had the fixed price menu (20 euros – as in $22).   First course we chose the three pates – wild boar, wild pig, chestnut – served with yummy crusty bread!   Jojo doesn’t like liver ( and I have always hated  pate) – but these were so good!    Next course was wild boar – so amazing.   Sort of like beef Bourgogne.  I had cheesecake for dessert but it was too liquory for me and a funny consistency.   And I hardly needed dessert!    😳

D surrounded by greenery in the mountain town of Corte
Boutique – Corte style 

Last night was a seafood place.   Also very good.  Our menu meal there consisted of fish soup served with Parmesan cheese and peppery croutons.  Main course was sea bream over roasted veggies with a crumb topping made out of sausage and Parmesan cheese.  Oh so good.   Dessert was panna cotta with a local fruit.   All accompanied by great local wine.    The first place we got pitchers of local wine (4 of them!  😳).  The second place was more fancy so we had to resort to bottles . .    We’re wondering what the little mountain villages will have to offer . . Could be interesting

Taking a break from the steps . . . Heading up to the citadel.

We landed in Corte at 9:40 AM.  The last leg of our train trip was crowded.  No seats available ..   fortunately, Dave found these little jump seats you could pull down.   Otherwise, we would have been standing . . .   Lots of people come to this town to hike.  There’s also a university here so the place is alive with young people!

Loving this town!

The train ride was certainly an experience!   Winding around the countryside, through tunnels – wonderful scenery on both sides!   Lots of folks ride these trains as it’s inexpensive and easy to get literally anywhere!     Our ticket cost us about $14 – for a three hour trip!

D enjoying the scenery
Want to live here? 😀
How about lunch here?

Dave and I spent the afternoon exploring this amazing little town, high up in the mountains.    Corte was once the capital of Corsica (back in the 1700s) and is thought to be the spiritual center of the island.   In the old town, the streets are narrow and made of cobblestones!   People walk these streets in hiking boots and high heels.   Depending on your fashion.   😀    Lots of old people and lots of young families with with little ones.    Flowers and greenery draw you into these amazing little alleyways     We had such fun taking picture upon picture!   😀   A perfect D and J kind of afternoon!    🥰

Lots of tourists come to Corte to visit this famous Citadel – high above the town
Would you go to church if it was Pink? 🥰

And then – we visited the local museum and walked up many many stone steps to the top of the famous citadel!  This was built in 1419 as a way to fortify the countryside.   It was some beautiful up there!   A bit toasty as well with temps in the 80s!   Not complaining . . .

Lots of stone steps. Only flip flops on the feet ! 😳
The Citadel!
A motorcycle is perfect for the narrow cobblestones
Colorful roofs
Care to dine with me at Chez Jo?

The other part of our crew took a beautiful hike along the coastline to the lighthouse, which watches out over Calvi.  They thought it was going to be a 10 k hike – but it turned out to be 10 miles instead . .   Oh well . .  Figuring this might be a common occurrence on this trip . . .  😀    They report that it was really scenic – only issue was Colette having stomach issues (which maybe she has inherited from Big D).   There were clearly no bathrooms along their hike and so she asked a local homeowner if they would let her use their bathroom . .  😀    And they obliged!    At times – you have to go out of the old comfort zone!   😜

We checked out our dinner spot – set up by New Experiences – looks like a very cool place . . .    Tom has promised he will take pictures of the other adventure!   😀    I’ll include some in tomorrow’s blog . .   There are enough pictures here for one blog!   😀

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