Our first bike ride – in the books!

Getting the bikes fixed up . . Took awhile . .

And it was a really nice one!    It took us well over an hour to make the bikes workable for those of us who rented bikes from Tom’s bike shop.   They are all Trek carbon fiber bikes but the sizes were off . .  John had asked for a size 48 or 49 and he got a 52.    He literally could not reach the pedals.   🤔.     I had asked for a size 50 and I loved the small feel of the bike – but I was way too stretched out because I had to put the seat up so high . .   I have long legs and a short torso . .   So John took my bike and I took his.   That’s after we had worked for a long time trying to get the first bike adjusted to my size.   I used the saddle which came with the bike but have now put my own saddle on it.    I think I will be good to go tomorrow ..  I do have trouble getting into the high gears – but I find that I don’t use them much anyway . . . 😳 

Carol and Colette biking along.
The little towns often have a fountain in the center of the village

All this is making me realize how fantastic the Specialized Ruby is that I ride at home.  It has electronic shifting and disc brakes and is very light – things that make it easier for this aging woman to ride a bike!     😀.      

So the smells over here are pungent and constant!   Yesterday as we were getting acclimated and unpacked, Tom was making Beef Bourgogne!    The aromas were amazing!    Today as we cycled through vineyard upon vineyard, we’d pass by wineries that were processing the grapes.  Talk about pungent!    It was a beautiful ride today – very narrow roads and since it’s a Sunday, nobody was on them!    The only people stirring were folks heading to church or workers picking grapes.    Occasionally we’d run across a small tractor laden with red grapes and we could see many tents as well as the RV’s which house the grape pickers.

Photos along the ride . ..

This scene was along the bike path. Beautiful as we hiked slowly up and up and up

So – today’s route consisted of two 20 mile loops.  One could do the first loop and call it quits – or ride both.    Most of us chose the first option!   😀.   Tom and Karl are currently speeding around the second loop.   😜.   There is rain in the forecast for this afternoon so they don’t want to linger . . .    One minor issue we had – Dave and I missed the turn for the bike path so we decided to cross over the ditch rather than go back and find the proper entrance.  Only problem is that there were lots of stinging nettles covering that ditch.    Major pain.  Major itching  . . .    😖.   I remember when Cyndy discovered these little darlings – when she was off in a field photographing some colorful bee hives . . . 

We had an interesting experience at lunch . . .  Cycled over to Meursault and could only find one restaurant open for lunch.   There was a huge party of men filling the front room and the woman in charge informed us that we couldn’t eat outside – had to use the back room.   Not many tables available.    The waitress sat us at one table – she appeared to be very exasperated with us. . . She was even more annoyed when all the other people in our crew arrived . . We had changed our seats to a larger table and she was not happy . .   Maybe it had something to do with our bike attire.    All the other folks there were dressed in their church finery and having nice Sunday dinners.    She ignored us for a long time sending menacing looks our way . . Finally she brought some water and Colette showed her a message she had written in French on her phone.   “We are sorry that we offended you.   I hope we can still get lunch . . .”   The woman said, “Merci,” and smiled.    At least we knew we could have some food!   😀

This was darn delicious

And the meals were wonderful.   Many of us had the peasant salad – which was a green salad with onions, olives, bacon, croutons, and a poached egg on top. With this very yummy dressing!   All was well . . .and – we left her a 10 euro tip.   Way over what would be expected . . .      Doing our part to help the French people look favorably towards Americans . . .   😀

Betsy and Bill took a hike today right from the lodge.  They said it was wonderful! 

Kabott          Discovered by Betsy and Bill along their walk. This was a place for workmen to have lunch out of the elements and to hide their tools overnight.
This woodland mouse was maybe two inches long. Totally unafraid of humans. 😀

  Now time for laundry and blogging!   😀.  We are cooking tonight. We’ll see how that goes . .   It would be great for this area to have some rain.    This has been a very hot and totally dry summer.    The wine folks hear that the wine will not be all that great in quantity but very good in quality.    Apparently, stressful conditions can be a good thing for wine . . .

One more photo of this fantastic place. 😀


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