The crew gathered around the fire – conversing and catching up on news from home!

It poured rain here last night.   Even this morning, everything was wet!     However, it cleared and turned into a lovely, crisp, fall morning!   So last night was really fun!    Tom had told us that we didn’t need to buy wine – as he has lots of it and we can drink what we want and pay for it at the end .    (Maybe a dangerous deal for this crew . .).     We all arrived back at the lodge in bits and pieces.    Colette, Laurie, and Carol had gone to the big grocery store in Beaune (6 miles from here).    Betsy and Bill had gone out looking for an adventure and some soda!    The rest of us were here, showering, reading, blogging . ..  

Tom thinks highly of his chickens and ducks. This is their palace! 😀

 A bit after five, we were starting to think about happy hour.    Tom and Karl had biked a very hilly extra loop – in a great hurry as the rain was definitely coming.  We even heard thunder.      They had enjoyed a nice cold beer.   We wanted wine!   😀.  Found one bottle in the refrigerator . .  And then, of course, one bottle just didn’t do it with ten people.  😳.    So Carol got on Whatsapp to communicate with Tom asking where we might find some more wine around here .    Half an hour later, Tom appears with a dozen bottles – half Chardonnay and half Pinot noir.   These are the two major grapes grown here in Burgundy.     He was drenched from the rain but smiling away!    So his wife’s family winery has been sold and yesterday was the final day of picking grapes.    A lifetime of memories.    Picking – following by a big celebratory lunch/party.    

Last night – Tom delivers wine for happy hours! 😀
Much better than picking wine off the shelves. 😜
😀😀😀.        A little dust gathers as the wine ages . . .

And then we could all celebrate a successful first day here in Burgundy!    😀.    Interesting that the rain would come yesterday.  After an entire summer that was dry and hot.  Probably good to get the grapes picked before the deluge arrived.   One of the requirements for making wine here is that you cannot irrigate – you get what Mother Nature provides and nothing more . . .   

I keep forgetting to tell you all about my funny experience at the bakery on Sunday morning.  Colette and I had driven into this adorable little town to get eggs and bread for breakfast.   There was a long line there at 8:00!    So when it became my turn, I asked for seis baguettes.   The girl thought I said seize.   Pretty close . .  So we ended up with 16 croissants . . .   So much for my French expertise!   😳

We’ve now completed day two of biking.   Just phenomenal!     Since it rained so hard all night, everything was wet around here.  And very cold.   So we meandered though breakfast.   So cool to have this place to ourselves!  And – since Tom is a chef – he has a super nice kitchen!   😀.    So we feasted on fresh eggs (they don’t refrigerate eggs over here because they are so fresh), oatmeal, homemade yogurt, coffee juice.   Coffee.     Such a relaxing way to start the day!

Off through town . . .
Grape pickers – you can just see their heads above the vines
And another.

And then we started our bike route.   It was a good one!     We started out biking through the vineyards – as we did yesterday!    This road feels just like a bike path – occasionally you have to remind yourself that you are really on a road and NOT a bike path!      Vineyards literally everywhere!     Then we hit a lovely little canal which we followed for several miles . .   Just when I was thinking jeez – this biking stuff is going really well for me today – we headed up the hillsides!    It was cool and cloudy so we were biking with “armies” and vests and we wore them for most of the day!    It was probably good that it was cool because the climbing was not easy!     I do pretty well on the long gradual climbs – but we hit 13 percent gradient twice and I had to walk my bike!   😖.   I can do that steep on my bike at home but I don’t have the low gears on this bike and I was afraid I might just stop going up the hill and fall over!   That would not have been pleasant  . . .


Nice flat road – water – scenery. What’s not to like about this ride? 😀
Just riding along.
Exploring the locks that exist along the canal. John and Laurie are renting a boat after our riding adventure       They need to get this stuff figured out! 😀

We went up and up and then down for a bit and then up again and again . .  Nobody on the roads.  Literally.  

Heading up
One can easily attend church around here! 😜
And another . . .
Lots to look at as we climbed.
Can you tell we’re heading up?

Finally, we were getting hungry and it was some difficult finding a spot for lunch.    Many places close at 2:00 and it was scarily close to 2:00.   So – we’d bike into the center of a town – usually uphill and steep.

Occasionally there’s a bit of an impediment on the road . . .it was single file here.

 We’d look around and finally find someone to ask.  We were always told – 3 kilometers up the road.  Then we’d turn around and bike back over the steep little hills and look for the next little town.    Maybe it was Monday.  Who knows.   Finally, we had biked for 29 miles and were darn hungry!   We discovered one last place to try – and voila they were open.   No one there but us!

The food was interesting – and really tasty. Sandwiches were beef with artichokes or ham, pickles, and butter.   Laurie and I had salmon and muscles with zucchini in a delicious sauce.     John had fish cake salad!    We didn’t leave a crumb on our plates . . .     And then we had about five miles of vineyard riding to reach our lodge.   

35 miles of riding     2400 feet of elevation gain   Tom rode a few miles extra as he often biked back to see if I was anywhere around!   😀    Karl often waited at the turns    Taking care of the older generation . .    😀   It’s all good!

Beautiful vineyards
It’s all about the wine! ☺️

We’re not prepared to cook tonight – so we’re going out for pizza!   Ten of us will somehow climb into two small cars!   

Bikers in the distance
Happy smiles at Happy Hour! Can you tell we like it here at the Hungry Cyclist Lodge? 😀😀😀

John took these last two pictures    Just incredible scenery

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