Laurie in all her gear

So we had an interesting time trying to figure out what to wear today.  It was 50 degrees with an 18 mile per hour wind coming from the north.  Brrr!   We all met over breakfast and attempted to formulate a plan for the day.    Perhaps not head out on the bikes until 10:30.  Maybe it would warm up a bit.   Maybe not . . .

Dave, Cyndy, and I walked up into town to buy happy hour supplies and look for a dinner spot .  Need a reservation in this town . . . That taken care of, we headed back to our hotel and dressed for winter!   I started out with my lovely Athleta tights (only worn for evenings- mind you. . . .) over my bike shorts, my warm armies, my jacket, a headband, and lightweight gloves over my biking gloves.     Might have been overkill .  .  But we were going down out of Gordes to start with and I didn’t want to freeze.    😳.    By the time I arrived back here at the hotel in late afternoon – I had removed all my gear except for my regular bike clothes and stuffed all that extra gear in my jersey pockets and my spare water bottle holder.    Crazy!

Just Roussian.

So .  We headed down from Gordes, through the crowded market in the square, and on to Roussillon.    This town is a neat reddish color!   Very cool!    Of course, you had to bike up a hill to reach the town.  All these towns in Provence are located at the top of a hill!  😀.     We stopped for our mid morning coffee break.  (That caffeine shot is a must as one gets older and continues to cycle with the youngsters!   😀).     At the little cafe – there was a good sized group of cyclists from the Boston area!   The were all attired in snazzy pink and blue cycling kits.   They were talking politics!   😀

This bike is not safe!
Roussian. So cool!
This color was unbelievable.

All on our wave length!   😀     None of us is overly proud of our country right now . . .   😩     Anyway, they did not think I should be biking with my wiggly handlebars . .   One of the guys began to work on my bike, assisted by Tom!    They practically demanded that I take my bike to a bike shop around the corner and get a new stem on it . .   Tom walked it up and, of course, the bike shop was closed!    Tom used his torque wrench and I think it is better.    I’ve managed pretty well  . ..   it’s a good excuse when I have to walk up the steep hills.    That’s really my only issue . . Getting on the bike – and riding it up – on a really steep pitch . . Oh well . .  Life is not often about perfection!   😜

Very cool bridge.

So – after taking pictures of this very cool town .  We headed off toward Bonnieux.     The plan was to have lunch here     On the way, we passed by this very interesting Roman bridge.   It was built in the 3rd century BC!    Bikes are allowed to cross this bridge but not cars . ..

Windmill in Gould.

Laurie and John took the shorter way back through a very cool town – Gould    They had a wonderful lunch there and got some great photos!

More from Gould

The rest of us headed to Bonnieux for lunch    Up another hill!  We were expecting a great lunch spot overlooking the beautiful countryside we’d been cycling through.   However – all we found was this one place, which advertised a nice patio but only offered up hot tables in the front or inside tables in the bar! We opted for indoor.    The girl handed us a large dinner menu   No time or interest in big dinners!   I asked if we could get sandwiches .. “ jambon et fromage?”    Of course!   Turns out there was a lunch menu . .   😀     Tom ordered a salad!   He got a nice placemat and silverware.   The rest of us got our four sandwiches served on one plate.   That was it!   Pretty funny . . .  They were actually very tasty!

The advertisement. 😀
The bar . . .
Our sandwiches. One plate. Four sandwiches. 😀

As we headed home, we encountered one very interesting little town – Lacoste! You enter this town via a fancy chateau.   We weren’t sure there was even a town here – until we headed beyond the chateau!   There was a town and it was  full of very narrow, cobblestone roads that were very dangerous to ride on (actually impossible) and very dangerous to walk your bike on!     Steep!  Slippery!   Occasionally there was a handrail to assist you but we were scared we’d fall the entire way down through this town   Seemed like it went on for ages!  Our pictures just don’t tell the whole story!

Scary to ride
More scariness.
Can you tell it’s very steep?
Just Lacoste.
One more. 😀
Lots of artists in this town! These marionettes were amazing.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going up or down!   Absolutely nothing flat,   By the time we arrived back at the hotel, we were pretty tired and ready for a nice cold beer!   It was four o’clock and we had biked 34 miles with 3000 feet of elevation gain!    The legs were feeling it .

Scenery along the way.
More scenery.
Check this out! You can tell how many hills we climbed today! Lots! 😀

Had dinner at a great place in town!   Husband was the chef.  Wife the waitress.  One daughter ( age six) was doing artwork.   There was room in this stone cave for probably 20 people max.   Fun!


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