Tom is all smiles at the top of Mt. Ventoux! 😀     6200 feet of elevation gain.    50 miles.   
John – summits Mt. Ventoux!

I didn’t have these pictures last night.    They definitely needed to be part of this blog!     Quite the accomplishment!     Cudos to these guys!

Tom rides through the grass lugging Colettes bike as well. A man of many talents! 😀

So the weather forecast called for thunderstorms arriving in the area around noon . . . Nothing we wanted to be part of.  😖.     We headed off from the hotel around 9:30 – deciding to cycle the longer but flatter route.   The other route had a big climb heading out from Pernes as well as the climb into Gordes.   No way around that one . . .  😜.    It was a cool day with temps only in the sixties . .   Pretty comfortable actually!

Beautiful faces .

Nothing not good about a flattish route for a change!   I rather enjoyed it.  We rode through little villages, past vineyards, apple orchards, even a sunflower field still in bloom!   😀.       Around ten miles or so, we hit the town of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.    There is a major market in this town on Sunday.   Oh no!   Hundreds of people and cars and booths.  Very difficult to navigate on a bike!  We mostly walked the bikes in and around all the stuff and people.   Bikes aren’t particularly popular on market days!   😳

We clearly do not belong here! 😙

Finally, we were done with it all and looked for a way out of town.  Not easy.  I followed Tom and John but lost the rest of the crew.   (My biking buddies).   One minute, Tom was ahead of me and John behind me.   The next I knew, I was biking solo out of town, following Missy’s instructions.   I wasn’t worried as I had my friend Missy and I could see on my phone that I was on the route.    The others, however, were concerned that I was lost somewhere in that crowded town . . . I might have been in trouble trying to find my way out of that maze of people and cars . .

My 20 minute rest stop. All by my lonesome! 😳

I stopped at one intersection and just waited ..  probably 20 minutes. I did think to turn off airplane mode on my phone, so my friends  could reach me .    They were still in that market town looking for me .   Oh dear . .   I was the only one not worried about me.   😏.    Good to know that they all care about me!  😀

Who knows how old this guy is?
Beautiful . .

We eventually all connected along the road and headed on towards Gordes.  Passed a cute little village with a very tall, old bridge and then we just booked it to Gordes.    The rain held off and we’ve had a pretty nice day, considering the forecast.     Gordes is at the top of a hill.  We remembered a really difficult climb up here when we came on our pannier trip in 2004.   So – either we’ve become much better climbers . . . Or that climb up Mt Ventoux yesterday set us up for thinking these regular hills are just nothing!    😀.    Maybe a little of both

The best viewpoint for Gordes


Even better with lovely ladies in the forefront. 😀


When we arrived at our hotel, Le Mas des Romarins, they offered us a welcome drink.   Whatever you wanted.    We were hungry and thirsty!   It was 1:30 and we had biked 33 miles with no stops for anything  .    We were not allowed in the rooms until 2:30.  For any reason!     We were getting cranky!    Finally, we got our welcome drinks and Tom begged for food.   We got a plate of ham, salami, and procuito and another plate of cheese and some dinner rolls.  Tasted mighty good!   😀

We were actually not all that patient. Trying to be good Americans . . . 😙

So – we showered and changed our clothes – did laundry -and then walked around the village of Gordes.  Very cool place.  All stone with lots of artists and little boutiques.    Stone steps and alleyways in every direction!   We are dining here tonight.   This is a great hotel.  Very well located with nice rooms.   We are happy campers!    😀

Love the faces . .

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