Sabaidee     As in good morning or hello

Along the river – in front of our hotel
Wouldn’t you like to have breakfast here at this hotel?

This morning began with an amazing breakfast here at the hotel!   Amazing food!    Fresh fruit cup   Good coffee   Pancakes served with Lao maple syrup (as in honey!)    So good!    And then, it was off to the morning market!   Great picture taking available in these markets!    😀

Such happy personalities
Yummy Lao snacks! We’ve sampled many of them . . .
Selling the birds
Even the monks can be found here

i forgot to tell you about the Hmong musician who played for us last night at the bamboo experience.    He played this handmade instrument and danced for a very long time.    And he was not young.   The manager of this place explained to us that this man used to live high on the mountaintop.   He had 16 children – but lost half of them to medical issues.   That made him so sad that he decided to move here where there was a hospital so he wouldn’t have to bury his remaining 8 children . . .

Lotus flowers adorn the pond

Back to today – Luang Prabang has been designated as a UNESCO site because of its historical significance.  It was the original capital of Laos and there are temples to honor the kings, who governed before the wars . .    We went to several temples as well as the museum, which was originally the kings residence.     Laing had lots of stories to tell about the carvings and paintings on the walls.   Many of these stories were learned from his grandparents as they sat around the fire to warm up on a chilly morning . .   So cool to have him as our guide . . .

Here is Laing, modeling a fan which turns into a hat . . 😀
Wall stories at the temple. This one depicts a Buddha, just sitting and contemplating. The folks to the right are trying to shoot him down – but because he is special, the arrows turn to flowers and he cannot die!
This one is for the children of the world!    If you use bad words or disrespect your parents – they will cut off your tongue.      Yikes! 😳
Listening and learning

And then, it was coffee break time – at the Riverview Cafe!  A delightful spot overlooking the confluence of the two rivers here in Luang Prabang!   Good coffee.   Tiramisu to share.    Nothing not to like about this place!   😀

Enjoying our coffee break!
A sketchy bamboo bridge. Only accessible in the winter
One more story. In this one, the tiger wants to eat the mother cow. She pleads with him for one last feeding for her baby calf. Promises she will return. She feeds the baby – after which the baby insists on sacrificing himself to save his mother. They both return. Baby says “take me because I am young and very tasty.” Mom says, please no – take me. I am big and will provide more food for you.” So the tiger thought awhile and decided to let them both go because they provided such a wonderful example of LOVE. Morals in all these stories. They are formed from tiny pieces of glass – literally covering the side of the building.

Time for some exercise!   It was up 400 steps to a viewpoint, where we could see all over Luang Prabang.   Of course, there were buying opportunities along the way as well as many Buddha’s and some monks quarters  – just sitting there on the hillside.    Good to get some steps in!

The Temple is across the way – as we headed up the steps
Heading up and up and up
At the top
One more
Monks robes drying over the railing. . . .

Late afternoon.  Time for a Baci ceremony.    We entered a family home, sat on chairs and listened to music for awhile.  Then it was time for the ceremony.  We were to sit on the floor in a circle.   A little difficult for the Jojo, who unfortunately had on a skirt.  😖.   My legs would not tuck underneath in any sort of ladylike fashion.  Oh no!   Not allowed to have the legs untucked.  Fortunately, Martha had a sweater that she didn’t need so I could sit cross legged and cover up.  We were in that position for a good 20 minutes while we listened to a very lengthy chant and then the folks there placed these string bracelets on our wrists.  The hips were rather unhappy.  I had to put myself in my yoga mentality to get through this lovely ceremony.

D receiving the blessing

Then we had some pretty awful whiskey in shot glasses.  I barely got through the first shot when Laing said that it was bad luck to only drink one!  Oh dear.   I had to chug it in one swallow and chase it with some water . . .  😩.    Yummy treats were next . . And then the adorable girls danced for us!   Very special.  In their traditional costumes.

You could surmise the personalities of these girls as they danced . . .

And then, of course, we all needed to take part . . . John was wishing he had consumed more whiskey because he was chosen as the partner for the finale!   😀.    It was really neat!    So – we must wear these string bracelets for theee days and we will have good health and good luck!     Not really the most attractive jewelry I’ve ever worn . .

John has many hidden talents! 😀

Back to the hotel for a break and then we had a spectacular dinner served just for us here in the hotel dining room.  Only room for the six of us!     Great food!   They prepare everything to order so dining is a relaxing experience . .  The way it should be!   I have to say that it was extra relaxing because we started with a bottle of wine for happy hour and picture airdropping, then another one for the first course, and a red wine for the main course    Making up for lost time 😀.

Off in the boat to cross the river and explore the night market.   Lots of handmade crafts in stall upon stall!    😀.   Another great day in Laos.    We will hate to leave this wonderful country!

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  1. Just amazing. Looks so beautiful. Do you think you would have to hire a guide or would it be safe to travel there without one?

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