Old old bridge – only goes half way acros# the river. A full bridge in the background. We walked by both of them! 😀


Last day in Avignon.   Tomorrow, John and Tom are biking to Vaison-la-Romaine.   The rest of us are riding in a vehicle along with our luggage.  Imagine that?     The bike trip doesn’t really begin until tomorrow but Tom is restless. . .   😀

So . . Our last day to explore this city.  Hot today – as in 90 degrees!    We did go for a walk but we were wilting in no time flat. . .   Had a yummy breakfast here on our houseboat and then got ourselves ready to head out around 10:00.     Already pretty toasty.    Laurie was done walking across the busy bridges and so we headed down this side of the river,  underneath two bridges and found our way to the free water taxi over to the mainland.    This boat runs continuously all day long.  Once on the other side, we decided to find this artists/musicians square and explore along the way.

These little children – painting in the square . . . Maybe a birthday party activity? 😏

So we’re constantly looking for shade, dodging cars on the narrow lanes, looking for the Place des Carmes.  There was supposedly a colorful flea market in this particular square on Sunday.   So, we found the square and it was pretty interesting.    Not very colorful.  Nothing of any value.   Just a bunch of old junk, like you’d find at a yard sale . . .  😖.    I decided to at least take a picture . .  And was majorly yelled at by this booth owner . .   Yikes!

This black guy was very mad at me! 😢

On to the next place . .   😀.     We decided to work our way back to the big indoor market via the artistic part of town. . .  This was such a cool space.    Very narrow lanes.  Huge trees.   Artistic touches everywhere!    Loved that area!

Incredibly tall buildings!
A very cool spot!

And then we found our way back to the main square of Les Halle’s Market.      Time for coffee and a break from walking.   Of course we had to add some lemon sorbet and a creme broule to our tab. . . .  😀.    Time to connect with Tom and Colette, who had literally been up all night in their postage stamp of a hotel room-putting together bicycles.   They live in Oregon – and have brought their own bikes.   John is riding Colette’s bike tomorrow (his rental bike will arrive at our first hotel).     Can you follow all that?!   😏.   Tom and Colette are even more jetlagged than we are . . . .

I’m wondering why Big D doesn’t walk me down the street like this? 😩
John is working at getting the best angle!

So . . .we went different ways at the markets.  Some at Les Halles for fresh veggies for our dinner.  Some at the grocery store (Betsy – you’ll be happy to know that we’ve visited this local grocery store every single day we’ve been here!   😀).       We needed cold beer and picnic lunch stuff and snacks for before dinner . .   Lots of necessities.  Oh . . More wine as well!    😀

Tom carries wine as well as water on his fancy bike! 😀

We’ve spent the afternoon recovering from our very hot walk – swimming in the pool – removing splinters we got from the deck of this boat (jojo) – having lunch – taking naps (Tom and Colette) – reading books – blogging – catching up on important internet stuff.    Not our typical day!    We’re all anxious to start our real vacation- from the seat of our bicycles!    (Barbara – you’ll get that!).  Enough of this tourist stuff!   😀.  We did get some cool pictures today . .     😀

We think the Hoffmeister girls should consider this newspaper dress for the prom! 😀


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