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Dinner last night was really great!   Here we are in their cave type dining room. We topped that off with a cognac back at the hotel.    A tiny portion for $12 euros.   Hardly worth it . . .  Oh well . . .

Bye bye to Gordes. One last morning shot from our window!

We said goodby to our friends at the hotel – Mas de Romarins.    We loved this hotel.  It was only a short walk into Gordes, had nice airy rooms (ours even had a great view), and the breakfast was really great!    So – off for St. Rémy de Provence!    Left the hotel at 9:30 with many layers once again.  It was around 50 degrees and we headed off down the long hill from Gordes.   In the shade, it was pretty darn cold!    We meandered along until we hit a major climb up into Oppede- le-Vieux.  This climb was not long but very steep.   The top was 12 to 13 percent over roads that had rocks mixed into the road material.   Sort of like cobblestones.    I did not bike that portion    I could probably have done the steep but not over that road surface . . .

Outside the castle.
Exploring . . .
Another . . .

Fall is arriving
John likes to ride on steep, narrow, cobblestone, paths. Ones we could barely walk on . . 😜
Cyndy poses with John’s bike – which he abandoned half way up. 😀

Oppede-le-Vieux is a ruined village built at the top of this hill    The village grew around its castle, which was built in the 12th century and enlarged in the 15th and 16th centuries.   The village was deserted in 1910.   This place was very cool although not all that easy to walk around on the stone steps and alleyways in our bike shoes . . .    We spent about an hour or so there exploring and taking pictures.     At the base, there was another group of bikers    We chatted with them and their guides were kind enough to share their snacks with us!  😀     We found some espresso – served in tiny paper cups . . .  😀 it tasted wonderful and the caffeine worked just as good as if it had been served in espresso cups!   😀

Tom serves espresso in tiny paper cups!
Dave’s espresso – admiring the scenery! 😀

Then, it was time to head off again.   The other group had taken a group shot just before heading out – so we decided to copy them . .    They had an interesting assortment of bikes . . . .😀     Jojo was the photographer – partly because my bad shoulders do not especially enjoy lifting a bike over my head!    😙

Pretty impressive group!
Looking back at the castle as we headed down the hill.

From that point – we just booked it to St Rémy de Provence!    At first the roads were narrow and just wonderful!   The day was cool and the biking suburb!    We had 24 miles to go and that seemed pretty doable  . .without a lunch spot.

Just amazing – these roads

All went well until we hit traffic around the city of Cavillon.   We got lost several times here and it was rather dangerous with all the buses and huge trucks driving along at fast speeds.   We were happy to get beyond that stuff.   Then, the only issue was a very strong wind – mostly coming at us as a crosswind.   Dave led our little group and we moved right along – arriving here around 1:30.

We got into our rooms and then set out in search of lunch   We were starved!   We’d been on the road for five hours – 34 miles in all .    Only problem was it was now after 2:00 o’clock and places stop serving at two!    Finally we found this great place that was willing to make us salads and serve us beer!   😀     The salads are wonderful over here!  We finished at three o’clock    Only three and a half hours unti happy hour!    😀      Not a bad gig – these bike trips!   😀

We showered back at our rooms and did lots of laundry!   Got ready for happy hour!   😛     Today was Cyndy’s birthday.   Lots to celebrate!    We’re lucky to have such wonderful friends in our life!   😍

Dinner was also wonderful.   We went to this place that was recommended by some folks we met at lunch   They are Americans, who live in San Diego for half the year and St. Rémy for the other half.   They were nice people, happy with life!    The restaurant we dined at was a cool place . .offering lots of sharing options   We are good sharers    😀.    Our main meal was a veal chop!   Delicious and plenty for two people!

Today we hike!


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