Lotus Buddha. Spectacular


Traditional Thai breakfast. Rice with steamed veggies. Really pretty yummy.      Called Congi
Egg and sausage in a pan!

Headed off from breakfast in a very comfy van.   Padded seats even!  First stop was for shopping.  Imagine that?  Sort of a flea market    Material. Clothes.  Bags.   We wandered around for an hour or so mostly looking. Everybody got something!  Jojo bought a couple of neat bags. I do love bags.  One for me.  One for Sue.   Probably use them for grocery shopping or market shopping.  $3  apiece!   😀.  Last of the big spenders here!   

Lots of beautiful fabrics. Anyone interested in sewing?
Showing off my big purchase!
Laurie and John decided they needed a three dollar bag as well. 😀

Now we’re on the road again – heading through the countryside.   Not much to look at here .   Good blog writing time!   

This woman has her offering ready for Buddha
Praying hard and chanting.

First we visited a sacred Buddhist and Naga temple.   This temple was way different from the lavish, guilded temples of Bangkok.    It was way out in the middle of nowhere.   Folks believe that this site marks the door between the earth and the spirits.  Naga is a serpent type creature with many heads on its tail.  There were serpent figures everywhere!    Loads of people had come here to pray.    They also sell lottery tickets here.  And – the idea is that you buy this baggie of white powder – sprinkle it at the base of a banyon tree where the roots grow, and then look very hard for numbers.   If you’re lucky, you will figure out the correct numbers and win the lottery!   😀

Naga is a smoker. This offering is sure to get results! 😳
These ladies insisted that they would have their picture taken with John!

Folks also bring these flower covered offerings to Naga.   They offer them up along with their hopes and dreams and pray and chant to Naga.  If they are very lucky, they might get their wishes.   And – if their wishes and needs are granted, they must come back to this spot and give their prayer of thanks.   They should also make an offering to these beautiful Thai women who will dance for them . .    A little bit of marketing here . .   :-).   

Inland salt from deep underground
Bags and bags of it!

Stopped briefly at a salt farm and then headed for lunch . .  A nice restful day – much deserved after yesterday!    😀.  This was an inland salt farm.  The water is pumped up from underground and it produces salt which is used for brinning  . . Not for eating.    Pretty interesting process.   Hard working people all over Thailand!   

Raking rocks out of the salt. Not easy work!i
Lots of raking . . .

Lunch.  We stopped at this restaurant way out here in no mans land.   Really great food . . .   Served family style, which seems to be the style over here.  Soup, fried rice,   a whole fish cooked in foil, sausage, rice noodles, hard boiled eggs – any number of good food served very attractively.   Fresh fruit for dessert!   

Lots of options here! Such friendly people😁

Now off to visit some ancient pottery.   

The architectural site showed pottery and human remains from 5000 years ago. . . .  Getting hot again.     Funny as we’re sweltering here – and we hear about big snow storms and freezing cold temperatures back home . .    The joys of traveling. . . .

Orchids watching over the Lotus Temple

Back to UdonThani and we had one more item on our agenda .   A Chinese museum.   Yikes!   It was about 6:00 and Jojo just does not do museums well at that time of the day – especially since we’d been up since 4:45 AM.   😩.     We did get ourselves through the museum but I’m not exactly sure how much we learned . . .   Oh well.   Plus . .  Jojo was really looking forward to a nice glass of wine.    I do believe that not only am I a bit of a wine snob . .   I have to add beer and coffee to my list.   😖.   The beer here is light.   It’s served cold – but I have joined the craft beer generation and I find that after drinking those wonderful, hoppy, flavorful IPAs – this Bud Light type of beer is not very palliative . ..   I’d really rather drink water!   

And – the coffee is Worse!   Instant.    Worse than Nescafé.  😖.  This morning at breakfast, Dave went to add some coffeemate to dress up his instant coffee and discovered a little army of tiny ants enjoying their morning!    We pointed it out to the girl in charge and she just scooped off the top level.   Oh well.  

So at dinner – a real local restaurant – we attempted to order wine.  Only wine coolers in bottles.  Laurie got the red variety- carbonated and pretty sweet.   Martha got the rose – even worse!   She thought it was bad.   I tasted hers and decided that it wasn’t bad – just awful!   Jojo drank water!   Laurie thinks we are doing our kidneys a big favor over here!   😀.   Buddhists do not drink!    We slept better!   So things are improving on that front . . .

I’ll end with one more group shot! 😀. Bet you thought you’d get through one blog without a group shot! 😜


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