Heading out from Calvi

“Comeau???    We’ve been waiting for you!   Supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!    Where’s your voucher?”     “We were here yesterday and the lovely lady here told us the boat was to leave at 9:00.   Come ten minutes early!”  ( Which was precisely the time we arrived. )   “We have no voucher and we paid in full several months ago!”    “Well then – you six can sit in the last two rows!”    😖

And another view as we headed off . . .

This was our introduction to the boat excursion I booked back in November.    On the phone – with a lovely woman who spoke only French!    That was a challenge.   The major reason we decided to begin this trip in Calvi was to see Scandola, a natural preserve.     Yikes!  This reserve is located on the west coast of the island – established in 1975 and it’s been recognized by the United Nations as a Natural World Heritage Site!    

We liked this tree . . 😀
Heading through this space
Carol and Jo
Tom and Colette

We were joined by six other people in a large inflatable power boat.    Our guide was clearly the captain and he didn’t speak more than a few words of English.  I have to say, he tried hard to tell us the important facts . .  We understood a few things here and there . .    🤔.     The trip to the Scandola Reserve took us about an hour – motoring rather fast!  

Loved the colorful fisf

We stopped to swim and snorkel in one calm cove and then motored slowly in and around this beautiful stretch of land.   Wow.   So very beautiful.   The millions of photos we took will tell the story . . .

Amazing colors
Another cool space
Doesn’t even seem real . . .

Back to Calvi – lunch – and then a walk up to the citadel, which is clearly the centerpiece of this adorable coastal town.    It was constructed in the 13th century.    

At the citadel

So.   Corsica is really and truly French!   They do not speak English over here.  Which is rather cool . . .  one has to improvise . . .     The shops all close from two to four for siesta . . .    Dinner is late!    For breakfast, we cooked our own eggs – 5 minutes for soft boiled – 10 minutes for hard.  Lowered into simmering water.  We discovered that the best way to eat these eggs was to cut them in half and spoon out the innards.  Tom says that his German mother takes the top off and then spoons out the egg bit by bit . .  Fun!   

Love the shimmering ocean with mountains everywhere.      My kind of place! 😀

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