Weary of the Rocks!

Today’s hike was almost totally downhill – on all kinds of rocks!   Little ones.  Big ones.     Flat ones.  Slippery ones.   You name it – we had it.   Poor D struggled on all the downhill.  Between his bum knee and his Hallux rigidus toe.    It was tough going.   Since we’ve had no internet for the past few days ..  my thinking is that I’ll get my pictures organized and send it once we get to Porto.   The pictures will tell the story . .

22,000 steps.  Nine and a half miles.   Of ROCKS.     

This is what the path looks like . . . 😳

These huge holders were placed here many thousands of years ago . . An geological  event . . .
Impediments along the way . ..

So – our directions suggested this rock formation might be a good spot for lunch – if the day was good and the rocks were not slippery . . .   I was not overly excited to climb up there with tough footing.    Bear in mind – these rocks jut out over the water – way below . . .    I was going to skip this part of the adventure until D announced that there would be a group picture !    😀    O K   I thought I could manage . ..   it actually was very spectacular!    Lunch was pretty good as well . . .  I chose to not explore the outer limits of the rocks . . .   😀

Lunch spot. Pretty precarious for Jojo
D setting up the self timer – then racing to join the group. 😛
Holding along the rock face . . .   We crossed this suspension bridge one at a time.  It was very wobbly!
Beautiful river spots with many bathers!
Walking along the side of this rock face
You get the picture!
Evisa!       We’re almost there!
The adorable mountain town of Evisa
It’s such fun to hike right into town – always looking for a special place to share a celebratory beer! 😀

So – I got a bit behind on the blogs once again . . This time to enjoy (or not) a 12 hour ordeal with the medical services here on Corsica!     I will explain in detail in the next blog.  It was quite the experience!   I am totally fine ..   just a bit weary from arriving back at the hotel in Porto at 4:45 AM.    😢.

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