Have to find a spot for a group photo! 😀

So – we are way up in the mountains for two nights with zero internet service.  So I’ll write the blogs on Notes and attempt to send them from our next spot . .   Just heard from Tom that there is no internet there either.  Perhaps it will three days from now that we’ll have connectivity once again . ..   I think we’ll live!   😀

Last nights restaurant – which supplied our yummy potato snacks!

So – the potato!

Tom was kind enough to share . ..

Last night we had dinner across the street from our hotel – part of our package!   This was a pretty inexpensive trip so you never know what you’re going to get for dinner.  And we do work up a big appetite!   We ordered a pitcher of the house red wine – poured directly from a big box!   😜.    First course was a giant salad – lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, and olives.   It was delicious and we ate every last drop of it (I have to say that Tom enjoyed a major portion of it!   😀).   Main course was a stew beef type dish along with a big bowl of roasted small potatoes.  Lots of them!   They were delicious.   Dessert was tiramisu – delicious but not good for Colette. And – since she wasn’t having dessert, she ran back to her room for a large baggie. For the leftover potatoes, of course!   😀.   They were spicy and salty (even added more salt) and perfect to take on the hike.   I po-pood the idea – but totally changed my tune today when I was getting hungry mid morning!   What a perfect snack . ..   bear that in mind – you bikers and hikers!   😀

My tip to the grocery store netted great results!        I had my iPad since I was trying to get service by the desk. 😀
Heading out of town
Looking back.

So today was a rather long hike – especially for us oldsters!   About 12 miles   28,000 steps and 2700 feet of elevation gain!    My little legs were missing their spring towards the end!   🤔

In Corsica, the cows eat from the trees. 😀
Sharing the streets!

So – we had planned to grab a few goodies from the breakfast table to have for lunch.  However – once we sat down to breakfast, we realized that our plan was not going to work!   Breakfast consisted of coffee with steamed milk, juice, croissants, and bread.  No fruit or yogurt or cereal or meat and cheese or eggs.  Nothing else!   So – I headed next door to this small grocery store that we had checked out yesterday.   With my iPad in hand, I shopped for some fresh bread, ham, and cheese.  We were in business.     Last thing we needed on this long hike was no food!   😀

An old stone cottage out in the middle of nowhere
D enjoying this vista . .

We headed out of town, enjoying the company of some cows (they seem to love the chestnut trees . .).  and some wild pigs.    You ever know what you will encounter on the trail!   😀.   The river on one side and mountains up ahead.  It was pretty spectacular!     There were some beautiful spots along the way – but not nearly as many as yesterday. Much of the hike was spent walking through beautiful pine forests with ferns lining the trails as opposed to the prickly, thorny brambles.    There was lots of uphill hiking – but much of it was in the shady forest so that was much better for me . .   I struggle walking uphill in the bright sun!     

All of us taking a rest! 😀

So – we picked up another dog . . Right from the get go!  We tried to get her to turn back – but she seemed to just want to be along for this hike!   😀.   Eventually, we realized that she was going to be our companion for the day, so we made sure to stop for her to drink at the creeks and we even gave her some food.  It was a long walk. . .   It was actually kind of fun to have her along for the day.   😀.  Once we arrived at the hotel, we showed her to the clerk here and he got in touch with her owners, who were heading over to pick her up!   Funny . .    

Just trucking along.
We love the old bridges.
This stream looked mighty inviting
Jojo heads up the rocky trail . . .
Beautiful wilderness

Lunch was in the shade by a stream.   Great spot.    We rolled into the hotel around 3:30.  Tired and ready for a nice cold beer.  Jojo had coke yesterday – but the caffeine kept me awake until well after midnight – so I was forced into drinking beer – two in fact!   😀.   D started with coke and then moved to beer!    All good . .

Yeah!          The sign for Castel de Vergio!             Almost there. 😀
Finishing up in the cool of a huge pine forest.

Happy hour on our patio and then dinner here at the hotel.  Our hotel is actually all that exists in Castel di Vergio.    Corsica is a big hiking destination!   Many people come here to hike the legendary GR20 path, which is one of the worlds classic hikes.  It follows the spine of the mountains – north to south.   There are lots of through hikers staying here.   Many of them camp along the way . . And sleep in their tents, cooking their own food . .

It’s now two days beyond this blog.  No internet in the village of Evisa.  The whole village is down!   So I put this blog together using Dave’s phone as a hot spot!   Pretty cool .   Although it did take a lot of time . . .    Oh well . . .     Evisa is beautiful!     

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