Check out this motor scooter!    A three year old driving. Dad with his machete, mom with her baby . .😀
On the way to the flower market
This photo was from yesterday. The mountain folks cut the branches off the peach trees and strap them to their scooters. Then they are transported to Hanoi where they force the blossoms for their New Year’s Eve celebration.      We saw these everywhere!
Chickens transported on the scooter. Looks like they are trying to escape. . .

Todays main activity was our visit to the Can Cau Flower market way up high in the mountains.  This market only happens on Saturday.   It’s a major event.  The local folks all make their way to this market to buy and sell, to socialize, and then have a really good meal.  The men also like to drink a bit!   😀.     It was such a scene . . .  Lots of pictures to sort through.    It was also noisy and crowded . .  One would not want to get lost in the market . ..   it was a sticky rice type of morning!   😳     We are currently awaiting our train to Hanoi and since there is intrnet in this cafe – I can get some photos uploaded!    Hard to choose . .

Colorful outfits on all the girls and women. We’re pretty sure they are produced in China!
So many very young mothers . . .
This woman is selling every single part of her family pig! 😳
This Hmong group originates from  China . . .
Another young teenage mom. Check out her high heels . . .
This portion of the market shows many buffalos for sale. They were pretty active from time to time . . . 😀
Selling everything imaginable
This lady must have been choosing her animal . . .
The seller was determined that John and Laurie should have these indigo scarfs . . They were stiff and scratchy.
Lots of fresh produce as well
Pulling her buffalo down the street – with her baby strapped to her back.
Check out this teenager . . Cell phone.     Jeans . . . Baby. 😀
Dave – up close and personal with the buffalos
We stopped at this eating establishment and they offered up some grappa type liquor to taste . . Some of us were brave . . .
Sewing and selling
A colorful scene
Buffalos and people heading out of town.   . Needed to watch your step . .
Barber shop . . .
Pretty cute . . .


We stopped at one eating establishment and they offered us some grappa type liquor . . Some of us were brave enough to taste! 😀

So . . Guess I can send this one off .  .  Yeah for internet almost everywhere we go!    😀


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