We always eat well when Colette is around! 😀

Yesterday, we sweltered in ninety degree temperatures!   Literally sweated to death!  Went swimming in the pool.    Couldn’t sit around the edge to dangle our legs because the seat was too hot . . . Tried our hardest to get out of the sun so we wouldn’t get burned . .    Crazy hot summer weather!

Tom and Colette’s fancy bikes dress up our houseboat!

We woke to find the mistral winds a howling!   Like a cold fall day out on the deck.  Goose bumps everywhere . . .    Honestly, it felt like hurricane force winds blowing the leaves, our hair, ourselves all over the place!   Meanwhile, Tom and John were biking to Vaison-la-Romaine.   Not the smartest move . .   They were pushed all over the road.  They had to ride a good hour on dirt.    It was not all that safe of a move . .   The rest of us met our Randonnee drivers and came to this adorable town on the seat of a car!   Much more sensible!    But who ever said John and Tom are sensible!

The front door of our B and B

We arrived in Vaison-la-Romaine before noon and met the owners of our wonderful B and B!   This house is located on a very narrow lane up in the old town!   Built in the early 1600’s, it is like a maze, meandering around with a few steps here and a few there . . One could get lost looking for his/her room . . .  Dave, Cyndy, and I went out to explore while the others waited for their husbands to return . .   I think we had the better part of the deal.  They were hungry and worried.  Meanwhile, the three of us were walking around taking pictures of this wonderful place and looking for a lunch spot as well as happy hour supplies . .   We found both – as well as a place for dinner.    This place is very small and was really booked .    But we twisted their arms and begged a little and they acquiesced .  .   😀.   Eight o’clock!

Around the property
Another cute little nook here

Meanwhile, Tom and John arrived and they were hungry as well!  We headed over to this wonderful lunch spot!   Tiny place run by a husband and wife.  She cooked and did the dishes.  He met and greeted the customers, sang songs to us while playing his guitar, regaled us with stories and pretty much entertained us throughout our lunch!   This couple is Danish – young and just adorable.

Daan – singing us a song about Maine! 😀. Emilie, his wife, is cooking . . .
Emilie is a great cook! 😀
Locally brewed craft beer. Especially for bikers. Note the chair ring on the label. 😜

The lunch was yummy vegetable pie, spinach and goat cheese pie, with salad and included homemade desserts.   We took lots of pictures there, some of which we’ll share with you    I had the spinach pie with salad and lemon meringue pie    Oh such fun we had . .  We even got friendly enough that D asked if they had any children . .  😀     Daan rolled his eyes , saying, “maybe. . “ So they work long hours (only open for breakfast and lunch). only room for about 10 people inside with a few tables outside . .    Emilie (Dam called her babe) made all this stuff every morning and they close when they run out of food!   😀         We hope to get back there another day!

Can you tell Laurie is frozen? 😳

Then . . Some of our bikes had been delivered here and we spent some time trying to see if they were workable for us . .   Peter, the representative from Randonnee, will be here to help with the fitting . .   We’ll see how that goes . .

This one is for the Webster boys and Cooper! These cars, trucks, and buses are all made by hand! 😀
Cool medieval city! Loving this place!
One more exploration photo! 😀

Very spotty internet her amongst all these high narrow buildings.  It’s taken me two days to get the photos in this issue . ..     😖.      Might be a day or two before I can make another one work . . .         Crazy day today . . .    Stay tuned . .


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