So – I guess one can’t always have perfection on their vacation . .   We relaxed, as usual, over breakfast . . Waiting for Tom’s suggestions as to bike routes and waiting to see what Mother Nature was planning for us in terms of weather . .     The forecast was for sun and clouds (although chilly) with a ten percent chance of rain . .   Not so bad  . . .   Maybe 60 degrees

Another church beckons .      Note the cloudy skies . . .    🤔
Lots of windmills on the top of the hill. Something to head for . . .
Heading up.     Note Laurie’s outfit.   It’s her own private fashion statement!   She wears arm warmers on her legs    😀😀😀.    Her rain jacket is very colorful!   😜
Passing some goats . ..

We chose a route, got ourselves outfitted with extra layers and headed off around 10:30.   It was cold and windy so we started out all layered up.   However, it wasn’t long before we shed the layers because the road was going up and up and up some more!             The last part of this climb was steeper – maybe 8 percent.    So Jojo was in her usual spot but plugging along when Tom arrived back on the scene.   To give me a little push up the hill.  😀.  I could even shift into a higher gear with his help.    I have to admit to another aid I used to get me up that hill.   Singing Sally Muncie – which is an old Zete song from Dave’s Bowdoin days .  I actually sang it right out loud!   😀.   Nobody was around so the anti feminine words couldn’t offend anyone . . .

Still climbing.

And then, of course, the road went south.  And just as we headed down, the rain joined us!   😖.    It was very steep and I was not having fun!   I’ll never forget watching my good friend, Avi, crash on a rainy, slippery hill in Piedmont.    That picture is implanted in my memory bank and it’s not a pretty one . .   I also knew that Tom and Colette crashed a couple of years ago on their tandem when the roads were wet and slick.   So I tried to go slowly (difficult when it’s steep) and keep my bike on the drier parts of the road  . . .  And not turn my wheels.    It was freezing and my hands were not warm.   😳.   The handlebars were wet and slippery.   I was very relieved to reach the bottom in one piece!

Passed this mangy Fox  along the way.

I kept trying to place a green frame around my cycling this descent ( a psychology term that Karl shared with us)  but the red frame kept coming at me!    🤔

And then – that road turned up once again!   Tom had told us that there were two big hills both near the beginning of the route and then there was a long descent into Beaune.   It seemed that the sun came out for the uphills when you were hot enough as it was with the exertion and then the rain came along to cool you off when you headed down.    Something wrong with that picture . . .

Heading down into Beaune – Beautiful. Sunny! 😀
We think it’s going to stay nice . . .
The vineyards know it’s turning into fall.
A few vineyards around here. 😀

So we headed down once more, this time more gradually.   The rain appeared for awhile and then the sun came out.   Crazy weather.    Once in Beaune, we were starving.  It was after 2:00 and we had cycled 30 miles . .  Time to replenish the energy supply.    It took awhile – and we had to ride into the center of town – but we found a restaurant that was open and willing to serve 8 hungry and a bit damp bikers!   😀.   We thought about eating outside – until it began to pour!

Leaving lunch. Cobblestones. Yikes!

Biked 38 miles with 3800 feet of elevation gain    Tom went 44  miles with much more elevation gain. (As in 4400 feet)   To get in a “Tom” workout – he has to go up and down way more than the rest of us!   😀   He’ll cycle to the top and then head down to support those of us who are still on the hill   That way we knew where the top was!  😀    Always good information to have!

Now back home, waiting for Tom to arrive to make dinner for us. Feels good to just plain relax and have someone else wait on us!    It smells amazing around here!   😀

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