Our last day here in Vaison-la-Romaine

Just grapes . .
Dave heads up into the mountains. . .

Just arrived back in our lovely B and B after an 8 and a half mile hike up in the hills above us!   A delightful day . ..  no stories to report!   😀

Cyndy and Jo heading up the first stretch . . .

We headed off from the medieval city, going up and up and up – along the narrow roads heading up into the hills . . Hardly any traffic.  Only other walkers and a few vineyard workers.

John thinks these grapes are going to make outstanding wine! 😀

Many of the grapes are just starting the harvest season.   We sampled some yummy red grapes off the vines . ..   pretty tasty we thought!   😀

The vineyards are really very artistic . .
Just grapes . .
Getting the perfect shot 😀

Eventually, the paved road turned to a rocky road.   We had the directions downloaded on our phones and we’d hear the turns announced from one phone to the next . .  Pretty funny!   We do love our technology!   😏

Fall is approaching Crestet
Ahhh . .

At the far point of our hike, we came upon Crestet, this amazing medieval village, perched on a crest.   In olden days, the bishops of Vaison would seek refuse in the chateau way up here on the top of the hill – when they were in danger . . .   So this place was literally a maze of stone steps – leading to more narrow alleyway and cool vistas of the hillsides!   We had such fun exploring with our cameras, trying to get the best shots!     Loved it up here!

More beauty.
The hillsides . .
Beauty everywhere!

By then, our continental breakfast was wearing off and there was only one spot to eat!    We celebrated our hike with a nice cold beer and veggie omelettes – served with these yummy fried potatoes and a little salad!   Some of us shared and others (Tom) enjoyed a full portion!

What a view for our lunch spot! Can’t beat it! 😀
We actually don’t drink all that much . . .😀. Only for photos! 😜
Beer with a view! 😀
Roses to keep the pests away!
Just along the road . .
Taking a break . .

And then it was time to head back down . .  Not bad . . A little more of a forced march than the way up, I have to say . .   Not so much stopping for photos.   Still some great conversation!   😀.   Never lacking with this group!    We met Colette as we reentered Vaison-la-Romaine.   She had enjoyed another lunch with Daan and Emile and was heading into town for some shopping.  Plenty of shopping available here!   😏.   We always seem to be able to sniff out the good shops!


Tonight we are dining at a nearby hotel  . .  Last night it was pizza and beer.   All good!   😀

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